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What Causes



Throughout time, our enemies attack without provocation. Today, "Palestinians" murder civilians and democrats slander us. What causes their hatred? As Jews didn't provoke others, why are Jews and no others targeted?


The Jew

Our distinction from other nations is that God gave His religion – the Bible – to the Jewish people alone. Ignoring this distinction, anti-Semitism remains unconscious, and thrives in the hearts of our enemies. Confronting our role as God's emissaries to mankind is vital. The Jew is not superior. If a Jew expresses superiority, he sins. All mankind descends from the same couple ; we are identical. It is only in our "mission" that we differ, and that mission is to study and teach God's Bible to mankind. God gave Jacob's descendants His Bible, as we were the only monotheists of that era. All others were steeped in idolatry. It is this distinction as God's "chosen" people that generates jealousy in other nations, and why the Jew has been attacked throughout time.


The Fix

Our duty to mankind is to share God's Bible, His Torah. By clarifying that we are not superior, we might start to heal the misconception that aggravates others. It is this assumption that "chosen" equates to "superior" that breeds jealousy and anti-Semitism. We must teach this is false.

What about BDS, college campus hate crimes, Palestinian claims,  and UN aggression? Click "Your Part" to understand these lies, and join us in taking action.


We have been idle too long. Now, Jews and gentile friends are banding as one to end hate crimes and bring offenders to justice.  AntiSemitism.net will work with campus security, local law enforcement and attorneys to ensure no criminal escapes justice. Play your role, and join us.